Daily Archives: 30th March 2015


I have arthritis in my hands and fingers. Sometimes they can become very painful and swollen, especially in cold, damp weather. I had a course of acupuncture as part of my pain management. Not only did the pain in the fingers reduce, but I also found that because I felt better overall, I was more able to cope with it. I do daily exercises for my hands and fingers to try to keep them as mobile as possible. Feeling much better overall.

Helen Whittle, Godstone.

Smoking and Facial Acupuncture

I was a heavy smoker, and I was also very stressed due to my long and erratic work hours. When I turned 50, I managed to quit smoking but wanted to use a natural approach to improving my appearance.   I had a course of facial acupuncture for this and was very pleased with the results. I felt much more relaxed and less strained overall which had a knock-on effect in my face and skin. The acupuncture and other techniques (massage, derma roller, jade etc.) helped improve the blood circulation in my face, thus reducing the long term effects of smoking which improved my overall appearance. I have maintenance sessions when I can now. Thank you.

Ingrid Schmit, Coulsdon

Diabetes Control

I was diagnosed with diabetes 6 years ago and was prescribed metformin to regulate my blood sugar levels. I wanted to try a more natural approach and had a course of acupuncture with Heidi. I already knew what I should and should not be eating, but really struggled with my sweet cravings.

I would often eat far too many biscuits and sweets of an evening mostly due to boredom, which impacted my blood sugar levels.   In addition to the acupuncture, Heidi gave me some useful advice on what to avoid to keep my blood sugar levels more stable and manage my cravings.

She also used auricular acupuncture, which had a positive impact on my sweet cravings, but it helped balance my blood sugar levels. This resulted in me needing less medication which I was pleased about.


Tennis Elbow

I have been a keen squash player but was plagued with tennis elbow for 4 months approx. I decided to rest up and have some acupuncture treatment to alleviate the discomfort. Heidi used a combination of acupuncture and massage for a few sessions. The treatment significantly helped me, and as long as I don’t overuse my arm when I play squash, it is more or less back to normal.

Geoffrey Tingle – Caterham


While going through the menopause, I suffered from frequent night sweats, low mood and constant tiredness due to not sleeping properly. I was advised against taking HRT as I had had breast cancer the previous year, resulting in a mastectomy. Acupuncture helped me through this period of my life. I felt better overall and more able to cope with the hormonal fluctuations.


Plantar Fasciitis

I came to acupuncture as a last resort as I have had plantar fasciitis for a few months. A combination of acupuncture, electro-stimulation and massage helped considerably. Walking is now not such a pain!



I was feeling very stressed out after the break-up of my marriage. I had lost a lot of weight due to lack of appetite, felt very low and generally run down, so I decided to try a course of acupuncture. It definitely played a part of getting my life back on track and helped me through a difficult transition in my life.

Alison Baker – Redhill

Hay Fever Relief

I had suffered from terrible hay fever for several years. A friend recommended me to Heidi, and I went during the middle of the summer when the symptoms were at their worst. After a couple of sessions, these subsided, and I was able to go outdoors more. I have been having ongoing maintenance treatment and have found that I get fewer symptoms – runny nose, red itchy eyes and scratchy throat and now enjoy the spring and summer seasons much more than I used to.

A J Pearson. Banstead.

Relief of Chronic PMT

I had been suffering from chronic PMT since my early 20’s. I am now mid 30’s. This had an impact on my relationship with my husband. A friend recommended acupuncture, and I contacted Heidi and set up some sessions. She advised to come weekly for 6 sessions and then monthly a week before my period for a couple of months. The benefit has been very worthwhile not only to me but the rest of my family!

Mrs Mckay – Oxted.

Side Effects of Tamoxifen

I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 and was given Tamoxifen. The side effects of the Tamoxifen were quite unpleasant – sweating, sleep problems, constant hunger and weight gain. I had heard that acupuncture could support people with cancer, so I decided to try it. The treatment helped reduce the side effects of the medication.

Heidi also used auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture) in addition to body acupuncture to help regulate my appetite which resulted in me having more control over my weight. The treatment, coupled with some guidance on helpful eating habits worked a treat. I am no longer taking Tamoxifen and I feel I have come out the other side of challenging period in my life.