Infertility – Acupuncture Worked

I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility back in August last year after trying to conceive for 32 months. I felt helpless, frustrated and a little scared about the prospect of putting myself through IVF.

I had heard of people having acupuncture to help infertility before and decided to try, wanting to regain some control of my situation and revive my fading hope.

I met with Heidi, and we discussed my diagnosis. She was very knowledgable and as well as performing acupuncture. She also gave me invaluable advice about monitoring my temperature for ovulation.

On receiving Heidi’s acupuncture treatment, I can’t describe it, but I felt instantly at ease and began to feel positive about the future. She was reassuring every time we met, and I instinctively knew that her treatment was helping me.

Two months later, having had several weekly acupuncture sessions, I discovered I am pregnant (baby due in July). I am so grateful to Heidi and urge anyone else who is contemplating treatment to give it a go. Acupuncture is a very mysterious treatment, but I can tell you from experience in my case it definitely helped.

LJ Surrey