Acupuncture Bletchingley

Acupuncture Bletchingley

The HB Acupuncture Bletchingley clinic provides treatment at 7 Bletchingley close, Merstham, Redhill, Surrey RH1 3PL. The clinic is easily accessible from the surrounding area, including Bletchingley.

Considering acupuncture for the first time? If so, it is safe, holistic and drug-free. Also, it is a very natural approach to your healthcare needs.  Acupuncture treats multiple conditions.  It’s an efficient way of restoring and maintaining your general well being. Moreover, why not de-stress from the pressures of your fast-paced daily life using this amazing tool.

The Clinic near Bletchingley in Surrey is a very calm and relaxing environment. You will be able to leave your worries at the door and moreover, make a positive change in your life.

This website will hopefully answer all your questions. However, please get in touch if you have any further queries. A FREE 10-minute chat is available to you to discuss your specific condition(s) and your suitability for Acupuncture treatment.

If I am unable to answer your call immediately I will return it as soon as possible. However, out of hours or on weekends and holidays, please leave a message. Please briefly describe your condition and leave your contact details.  Again, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Acupuncture Bletchingley Specialist Training:

Fertility Treatment is available. Moreover, cosmetic acupuncture and adjunct therapies can be provided at the clinic.

What Clients say…

A prescription of Metformin following a diagnosis of Diabetes 6 years ago. I wanted to try a more natural approach and had a course of acupuncture with Heidi. I already knew what I should and should not be eating, but really struggled with my sweet cravings.

Often I would eat far too many biscuits and sweets of an evening.  This was mostly due to boredom which was having an impact on my blood sugar level.  Heidi also provided useful advice on what to avoid to keep my blood sugar levels stable. More importantly, she explained how to manage my cravings.

Auricular acupuncture also had a very positive impact on my sweet cravings.  Moreover, it helped balance my blood sugar levels too. This resulted in me needing less medication which I was very happy about.


Acupuncture Bletchingley

You can obtain directions to our clinic using the interactive map below. Locating the clinic should be easy, but please give me a call if you need assistance.

Please note that the HB Acupuncture Bletchingley Clinic only accepts Cash or Cheque.

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